Scissor Lifting Tables Guide

Oct 25, 2022

At AccessCo Move we have put together a guide to help you choose the right Scissor Lifting Table for your workplace, no matter where in the process you need it. Transporting heavier goods has never been easier.

Scissor Lifting Tables are a great way to move heavy loads or to reach high places. With goods continuously entering a workplace through reception and dispatch, lifting tables have become increasingly popular. From the variety of sizes and capacities, and compensating for differences in levels with a loading bay they have become a must with material handling equipment.

But where do you begin in finding the right one for the right price? 

AccessCo Move wants to make this decision process as simple as possible. We know scissor-lifting tables have many benefits and we want to find the right one for you. 

scissor lifting table price guide

What to consider before buying a Scissor Lifting Tables 

Intended Use 

Above all else, ask yourself what exactly the lifting table will be used for. The use will help determine the capacity, the style, and any extra features that you may need. 

Making a list of your needs and results of what you expect from the lifting table will help guide you in the right direction. 

Sizing and Capacity 

How big is your warehouse? What type of products will it be moving? A table that can only lift a few hundred pounds may be sufficient for your needs, but if you need to lift heavier loads, you’ll need to pay more for a table with a higher capacity.

Safety Features 

Material handling equipment is there to improve the safety of you and your workers. So when buying any sort of equipment this should be a priority. Safety bars, emergency stop buttons, and all these features should be taken into consideration when selecting the right lifting table. 

Different Types Available 

AccessCo Move has a wide range of Scissor Lifting Tables to choose from. Each one of these can be adapted to almost any lifting functionality or procedure. 

We want to provide the right lifting solution for you, and our Scissor Lifting Tables do just this. By supplying for many purposes, such as meeting specific industry health & safety regulations to lifting very heavy or abnormal loads. 

Each comes with a wide range of accessories from stairs to turn tables, that can be adapted to your needs. 

Single Scissor Lifting Table 

A lifting table with a single scissor is useful in many situations. It is extremely popular for bringing goods up to the most ideal height for the employee. This not only ensures better efficiency but also the best working height, thus providing better working conditions.

A single scissor lifting table is often used for handling goods, manual handling, as a work platform, and many more. 

Capacity varies from 500 – 100 kg 

Closed height : 160 – 800 mm

Length : 900 – 5000 mm 

Width : 650 – 3000 mm 

Travel : 530 – 3000 mm 

scissor lifting table price guide

Double Scissor Lifting Table

A double vertical scissor lift platform is ideal for use as a loading bay or as a lifting table between different floors.

It can be used for other processes such as lifting/lowering of goods, manual handling, compensation for level differences at conveyors all the way through to machine infeed / outfeed, and pallet loading/unloading 

Capacity varies from 500 – 10000 kg 

Closed height : 270 – 1100 mm

Length : 900 – 4000 mm 

Width : 650 – 2500 mm 

Travel : 1100 – 4500 mm 

scissor lifting table price guide

Double Horizontal Scissor Lifting Table

The double horizontal lifting table is ideal for lifting long items and heavy-duty lifting. The lifting table has a low closed height compared to the platform size. It can be useful for production lines, ideal for the handling of long goods, timber industry/timber handling, general material handling, and to conveyor lifting.

Capacity varies from 1000 – 8000 kg 

Closed height : 350 mm

Length : 1800 – 5000 mm 

Width : 650 – 2000 mm 

Travel : 1100 – 4500 mm 

scissor lifting table price guide

AccessCo Move Low Profile Lifting Table 

The low-profile lifting table is highly sought after and is used throughout the European industry. The standard models come in a closed platform, a U-shaped platform, and an E-shaped platform.

These types are highly flexible because they are mounted directly on the floor. They all come with separate power units.

The low-profile lifting tables are ideal for packing lines and palletizing areas. Because of the closed height, they are perfect for handling goods with forklifts.

Capacity varies from 600 – 3000 kg 

Closed height : 105 mm

Length : 1200 – 3000 mm 

Width : 800 – 1200 mm 

Travel : 545 – 1100 mm 

scissor lifting table price guide

Triple Scissor Lift Table 

A triple scissor lifting table is mostly used as a goods lift. Just as a double scissor lift can be used for lifting/lowering goods, manual handling, and pallet loading/unloading so can a triple scissor lifting table. 

It also allows you to lift extremely high. 

Capacity varies from 600 – 3000 kg 

Closed height : 270 -1015 mm

Length : 900 – 4000 mm 

Width : 650 – 2000 mm 

Travel : 1100 – 7000 mm 

EdmoLift Low Profile Lifting Table 

EdmoLift’s scissor lift table has increased flexibility with regard to its field of applications and reduces installation costs due to its closed bottom position of only 80 – 100 mm. It has a functionality level equivalent to that of a conventional scissor lift table

With a variety of designs and models, load capacity between 600 kilos and 2 metric tons, and a lift range from 630 mm to 970 mm, we can offer a comprehensive selection of these tables with a low profile based upon your needs.

These tables are available in different colours, with a range of different control units – all tailored to your needs and requirements.

They are extremely reliable and have maximum strength.

As with all our products they are high quality and will meet each of your safety requirements. The budget when it comes to each of these Scissor Lifting Tables can vary. If you are interested in finding out more, get in touch with our team. We can guide you through every step of the way.