Mast lifts from Sweden, for safe work indoors

Simple and easy to maneuver designs make SafeLifts a cost-effective alternative to similar lifts out on the market. The mast lifts are produced in 3 different variants: PushAround which is manually moved, MoveAround which is operated with a joystick from the basket and StockPicker which also is drivable as well as having a height-adjustable lifting table.

All SafeLift products are easy to use and maintain. All lifts are delivered assembled and ready to start. After the end of the working day, the lift is connected to a standard wall outlet and the built-in charger charges the batteries.

SafeLift Product Range

All models are available for purchase or rental


Operable with a joystick from the basket.


Manually move it to wherever needed.


Drivable, height-adjustable lifting table.

Advantages of Safelift

Safe working at height

With Safelift, you eliminate the risk of accidents in the workplace.

User friendly

Low entry and easy operation.


Safelift is easy to charge and is low-maintenance.

Personal safety

Anchorage point, emergency stop and emergency lowering for your safety.

Light and smooth

Transported in lifts and passes through doors.

Smart features

For example, decoupling of wheels, USB connector, storage area for tools.

Industries using SafeLift

  • Production Facilities (>70%)
  • Module house builders
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Hospitals
  • Workshops (truck, airplane, RVs)
  • Theaters
  • Energy Plants
  • Large maintenance facilities

About SafeLift

Since 2010, Swedish company Safelift has been focused on making the work at height indoors safe by replacing ladders with flexible and user-friendly mast lifts. In 2013, SafeLift released two models, PushAround and MoveAround. Each has a work height of 5 meters.

SafeLift continues to expand its product range and now exports to a number of countries in Europe, including Ireland.

The product development and assembly are performed on the SafeLift premises in Växjö, and most parts of the lifts are manufactured in the vicinity of Växjö, giving SafeLift complete control over function and quality. All the lifts meet the high standards of EU safety requirements in the EC Directive and EN280 standard. SafeLift lifts are CE marked in accordance with these requirements.

Safelift’s mast lifts are approved in accordance with SS-EN-280.