Stainless Steel Manual Work Platform

Capacity (kg)


Travel (mm)


Closed height (mm)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Technical specifications

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Type Capacity kg (kg) Travel mm (mm) Closed height mm (mm) Total raised height mm (mm) Length mm (mm) Width mm (mm) Lifting time (sec) Motor kW (kW) Weight kg (kg)
MWP 250 250 900 1000 1105 1090

Stainless Steel Manual Work Platform

The AccessCO Move Manual Work Platform is a convenient, ergonomic and safe way of making sure that the employees is lifted to the best ergonomic height. The lift is designed with slaughterhouses in mind as the platform lifts the employee up to the product for processing and gives better access to cutting and prepping ensuring better working conditions. The design can be equipped with various tools that make the required processes more effective such as hoses, holder for cutting tool/meat saw, hand sanitizers and so on.

The platform is placed on a pillar that is fixed to the ground. This takes up a minimum of space and makes the platform sturdy up to 250 kg. The pillar and platform is designed with easy cleaning in mind as the design is open and the platform perforated which makes it easier to clean out residue.


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AccessCO Move’s lifts are approved in accordance with SS-EN-280.

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High quality product

Expert knowledge

Based on proven technology

Increases efficiency

Meets safety standards

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