What is a Reel Lift?

Nov 7, 2022

When lifting, moving, or tilting reels, the endless combination of possibilities makes it a difficult process requiring a variety of tools. But now thanks to Reel Lifts when it comes to handling reels and rolls it has never been easier.

At AccessCo Move we provide reel handling equipment that is powered drive. What does this mean? The Powered Drive ‘Compac’ Lifter has been designed to provide precision maneuverability of the Roll Lifting Machine with both forward and reverse drive. This enables the operator to easily transport and move the lifting truck without any effort required and protects workers from manual handling injuries.

Features of Reel Lifts

The Powered Drive Unit is interchangeable and can be fitted or removed from most models of the Move ‘Compac’ lifting machine, as required. This lifting solution is suitable for clean-room and high-care environments, such as pharmaceutical and food processing.

The powered drive ‘Compac’ can be fitted with any attachment from the move range, or bespoke attachments if required.

The model shown is fitted with a Vertical Spindle attachment to suit the lifting and rotation of reels of film or foil which have a core diameter of 152mm (6”) or 76mm (3”).

Specifications of Reel Lifts 

Low Maintenance

Stainless Steel 

Suitable for high-risk and hygienic applications 

Full and precise maneuverability for ease of operation with minimal effort. 

Safety Controls 

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