Mini Grab Vac (GRABO Lifter Alternative)


A more robust commercial alternative and the perfect lifting technology.

  • High energy by lithium ion batteries
  • For smooth and rough surfaces
  • Suited for almost all air-tight materials like tiles, natural stone, concrete plates, plastics, glass, metal…

The Ultimate Vacuum Lifter for Effortless Lifting

Experience the revolutionary lifting technology of the Mini Grab Lifter, a state-of-the-art vacuum lifter designed and built in Germany to make your lifting tasks a breeze. Whether you’re working with smooth, rough, or airtight slabs like tiles, natural stone, concrete slabs, plastics, sheet metal, or glass, the Mini Grab Lifter can effortlessly lift and transport them with ease.

What sets the Mini Grab Lifter apart?

Its ability to securely hold the slab until you’re ready to release it. By simply pressing a button, the valve opens, allowing you full control over when to release the slab. Additionally, the device enables vertical swivelling of wall tiles for added convenience. The Mini Grab is a premium product crafted solely from steel and aluminium to ensure unparalleled durability. Not only is it robust, but it also boasts a remarkably lightweight design, surpassing all other competitors in the market. Additionally, the Mini Grab is incredibly user-friendly, featuring a magnetic cover on the base plate that can be effortlessly mounted or demounted within seconds. Maintenance has never been easier.

Built with durability in mind

The Mini Grab Lifter features a sturdy aluminium plate with a comfortable handle for easy maneuverability. The vacuum pump, which can be operated using either a battery or mains power, generates the necessary vacuum for lifting. On the underside, an elastic rubber seals the vacuum chamber, ensuring a tight and secure grip. If the rubber gasket wears out, it can be easily replaced thanks to its self-adhesive nature.

What’s included?

When you purchase the Mini Grab Lifter, you’ll receive a comprehensive package that includes the vacuum lifter with a robust handle, a vacuum pump, a filter, and a valve, all neatly organized in a sturdy plastic case. The basic unit can be conveniently powered by either a battery or mains, providing you with flexibility for various applications.

Battery-operated and main-powered options

For extended operation, the Mini Grab Lifter offers a battery module option. Equipped with advanced lithium-ion batteries that have no memory effect, you can enjoy continuous operation for approximately 3.5 hours. The two exchangeable batteries also feature integrated protection electronics, ensuring their longevity. Recharging the batteries is a breeze with the included 230V-50Hz charger, which takes only around 2.5 hours to fully charge.

If mains power is readily available, the network module allows you to connect the Mini Grab Lifter to a 5V-230Hz power source using the included 50-meter-long cable. This configuration ensures a stable power supply for uninterrupted operation.

Experience lifting convenience and efficiency

Say goodbye to manual lifting and let this cutting-edge technology do the heavy lifting for you. With its versatile capabilities and robust construction, the Mini Grab Lifter is the perfect solution for any lifting task. Invest in the Mini Grab Lifter today and revolutionize your lifting experience.


Model Carrying Capacity Horizonal Carrying Capacity Vertical Width x Length Weight
Mini Grab Lifter basic equipment * 50 kg ** 15 kg ** 120 x 260 mm 1.5 kg
Mini Grab Lifter S-Levator basic equipment * 50 kg ** 15 kg ** 80 × 350 mm 1.5 kg
Battery kit consisting of two batteries and charger 220 V – 50 Hz Battery kit consisting of 2 batteries and charger 220 V – 50 Hz 0.4 kg
Mains kit consisting of power pack and 5 m cable for 220 V – 50 Hz 0.4 kg

* The vacuum lifter must only be used close to the ground and may not be used in conjunction with material handling lifting equipment.
** The maximum carrying capacity on an optimal surface will work at a low pressure of -0.65 bar minimum. In the case of rough or porous surfaces, the carrying capacity decreases or does not exist.

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