Manual Grab Vac (GRABO Lifter Alternative)


A more robust commercial alternative and the vacuum lifter for professionals.

  • High energy by lithium-ion batteries
  • For smooth and rough surfaces
  • Suited for almost all air-tight materials like natural stone- or concrete paving

The Ultimate Vacuum Lifter for Professionals

Designed for professionals, this innovative lifter is capable of effortlessly handling smooth/rough and airtight slabs, including natural stone and concrete slabs. With its advanced technology and versatile features, the Manual Grab Vacuum Lift ensures seamless lifting, transportation, and laying of slabs, making it a must-have tool.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Unmatched Performance

The Manual Grab Vacuum Lift boasts a robust aluminium housing, ensuring durability and longevity. Powered by a high-performance vacuum pump, this lifter generates a strong vacuum to securely hold slabs in place. The vacuum chamber is sealed with a self-adhesive elastic rubber gasket, which can be easily replaced when needed. This ensures a reliable and airtight grip on the slabs, allowing for safe and efficient handling.

A Flexible and Adjustable Design

Designed to provide maximum flexibility and ease of use. It comes with a two-beam configuration, allowing for convenient two-man operation. The two-beam is adjustable in height, ranging from 500 to 700 mm, and in width, from 850 to 1,250 mm. Alternatively, a single-beam configuration is also available for those who prefer a different setup. No matter the configuration, the device is equipped with a water separator and pressure gauge as standard, ensuring optimal performance.

Effortless Battery or Mains Operation

For added convenience and portability, the Manual Grab Vacuum Lift offers battery or mains operation. Powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery, this lifter eliminates the need for a constant power source. With approximately 3 hours of continuous operation, you can rely on the Manual Grab Vacuum Lift to get the job done without interruptions. Charging the battery is a breeze, with a quick charging time of about 2 hours using the included 230V-50Hz charger.

Customizable Suction Plates

To cater to your specific needs, the Manual Grab Vacuum Lift offers special suction plates upon request. Whether you require specialized plates for unique slab materials or specific dimensions, WIMAG has got you covered. With these customizable suction plates, you can ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance for every lifting task.


The Manual Grab Vac consists of a strong aluminum box with all component parts packed in. A vacuum pump creates the vacuum, while the vacuum chamber is sealed by an elastic rubber. The self-adhesive sealing can easily be exchanged if needed.

Model Carrying Capacity Width x Length Weight
Manual Grab Lifter with two men lifter, 2 rechargeable batteries and charger 110-230 V 100 kg ** 230 × 275 mm 12 kg
Suction plate SP 150 150 kg ** 275 × 460 mm 4 kg

** The maximum carrying capacity on an optimal surface will work at a low pressure of -0.65 bar minimum. In the case of rough or porous surfaces, the carrying capacity decreases or does not exist.

When it comes to vacuum lifters for professionals, the Manual Grab Vacuum Lift stands out from the crowd. Its robust construction, cutting-edge technology, and customizable features make it the ideal choice for lifting, transporting, and laying slabs with ease. Whether you opt for the battery or mains operation, you can trust the Manual Grab Vacuum Lift to deliver unmatched performance and reliability. Upgrade your lifting capabilities today with the Manual Grab Vacuum Lift.

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