Linear Actuated Lifting Table

Capacity (kg)

1000 - 2000

Travel (mm)


Closed height (mm)


Length (mm)

900 - 2200

Width (mm)

650 - 1200

Technical specifications

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Type Capacity kg (kg) Travel mm (mm) Closed height mm (mm) Total raised height mm (mm) Length mm (mm) Width mm (mm) Lifting time (sec) Motor kW (kW) Weight kg (kg)
TL 1000 spindel 1000 325 300 1025 1300 1350 6

Linear Actuated Lifting Table

A linear actuated lifting table also called a lifting table with a spindel drive is a type of lifting equipment that differs a lot from hydraulic lifting tables.

Precision, low noise frequence and a calm start and stop function is some of the qualities of a linear actuated lifting table.

Furthermore, it maintains the height position making it perfect for precision lifts in integrated systems.

There is no risk of oil spills making it ideal for cleanroom industries and the maintenance costs are minimal.


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AccessCO Move’s lifts are approved in accordance with SS-EN-280.

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