Keg Vacuum Lifter

The Keg Vacuum Lifters are one of the best tools that you can use in order to move and store kegs of beer. These devices are designed in order to make it easier for you to move the kegs from one place to another without having to use a lot of force. The Keg Vacuum Lifters are also very easy to use and they can be operated easily by one worker. They are safe and efficient. They eliminate the need for manual lifting, which can reduce the risk of injury.

Keg Vacuum Lifter Specifications

Lifting Capacity up to 230kg / 704lbs

Standard Reach 2.5mtr / 8 feet

Lifting speeds up to 36mtr / min (118 feet / min)

Lifting Options

  • Floor Mounted
  • Wall Mounted
  • Overhead Crane Mounted
  • Portable, mounted to counterweight
  • Portable, mounted to forklift / stacker
  • Standard: mild steel painted
  • Option: all stainless steel
Keg Vacuum Lifter FAQs
How many Kegs can a Keg Vacuum Lifter hold?

Maximum two.

There are no weight restrictions. However, be aware of the limitations of each device eg ‘lift only one piece of material at a time’.

What else can a Keg Vacuum Lifter lift?

It can also be used to lift boxes, crates, food products and drums.

Do you need any training to use a Keg Vacuum Lifter?

Yes, it is essential that a comprehensive training is carried out to ensure it is used correctly and for the safety of the workers. However, it does not take long.