Manual Handling Injuries

Oct 12, 2022

Injuries resulting from manual handling are a major problem in the workplace. They can be caused by a number of factors, including lifting heavy objects, carrying, pushing, pulling, or reaching. If you use your physical effort to move it, you are manual handling. 

Why do Manual Handling Injuries Happen?

One reason may be due to the workers not being properly trained in how to lift and move objects safely. Another reason may be that the workplace is not set up in a way that allows for the safe lifting and moving of objects, which can lead to workers getting injured. Finally, some workers may be more susceptible to injuries due to pre-existing health conditions or injuries.

At AccessCo Move, we know how important it is for an employer to help prevent any injuries by identifying risk areas and making them safe. We have compiled a list of the most common injuries and what you as an employer should look out for.

The Most Common Manual Handling Injuries Include:

Sprains and strains 

These injuries can occur when lifting heavy objects or from repetitive movements. This can be in the back, neck, or wrists, by overstretching your muscles beyond their capacity which can lead to bruising and pain.

Back injuries 

These can occur from lifting heavy objects, or from twisting or bending awkwardly. Common injuries with the back can include the spine and slipped discs. 

Shoulder and Neck Injuries 

These can occur from lifting heavy objects, or from reaching overhead. They can even occur from looking up or down for long periods of time. 

Hand and finger injuries 

Whatever you do, whether it be pulling, pushing, or lifting, you are always using your hands for grip. It can also vary from what you are touching, is it hot that can scauld your skin or does it have sharp edges? Both can have an impact. 

These finger injuries can also occur indirectly from the load, such as your hand getting trapped in between two loads, or if the load is too heavy and you are placing it down.

How to prevent it?

Once risk areas are identified, always try to eliminate them or change them completely if possible. This can be in the case of the work environment itself, such as poor lighting, slippery floors, and insufficient space. 

By bringing in AccessCo Move material handling equipment where adequate you are taking the strain off the workers and improving work efficiency. 

Ensuring that workers are properly trained in how to safely handle materials, can educate everyone on how to avoid and prevent such incidents from happening in the future.