How to Solve Material Handling Problems

Aug 22, 2022

At AccessCo Move we want to help industries maintain productivity, by reducing the risk of injuries to employees by introducing specific manual handling products that solve material handling problems.

Material handling is a tactical process. To guarantee success, careful thought and strategic measures are needed. When handled correctly, handling products runs smoothly and makes the most of the available storage space. When executed poorly, it can result in a loss of revenue, and inefficiency waste valuable time and energy.

The material handling industries encounters a lot of common issues. By learning from these mistakes, you may streamline the material handling process for your company while maintaining low prices and excellent productivity. 

The secret to success in the material handling sector is identifying typical errors and developing tactical solutions to these issues. 

Focusing in particular on the common issue of lack of material handling equipment. Many businesses skip out on purchasing the necessary equipment and wind up relying excessively on people to load, unload, and move things. Others may refuse to update their machinery. However, smart investing in material handling equipment can save your business in the long run. As mentioned, manual labour can’t compete with machinery.

Before buying material handling equipment it is important to assess the different variables. Although most companies deal with similar material handling needs, each company has different processes for processing materials, no two items are the same. 

Some of the variables that may be considered:

  • Available space
  • Aisle size
  • Type of material
  • Size and weight
  • Material variables
  • Load size and weight 
  • Load size variables
  • When and where picked
  • When and where delivered

Along with this, current work processes will need to be taken into account determining what is now working well and what is not. Questions such as “Are there any safety concerns that need to be addressed?” “Does there seem to be too much free time?”

Once these issues are addressed, the next step is working out what the best solution would be for a particular operation. Looking at how the equipment would improve the day-to-day running, will it make it easier or harder for the warehouse staff or the delivery drivers?

We here at AccessCo Move have put together three examples of machinery that we can provide and show how they can solve material handling problems.

Mast Lifts

AccessCo Move provides three different types, MoveAround, Stockpicker, and PushAround. These lifts’ operations vary from operating with a joystick from the lift basket, manually maneuvered, or are driveable. They can operate at a height of up to 5 meters. All models are available for purchase or rental. 

The problem this lift solves it allows you to operate in tight and confined spaces, and to perform jobs at elevated heights in tight spaces. They are easy to use and maintain. At the end of the working day, the lift is connected to a standard wall outlet and the built-in charger charges the batteries.

Lifting Tables 

We have an extensive range of lifting tables from Scissor Lifting Tables to Stainless Steel and budget lifting tables.  

The problem they solve is they enhance safety decreasing workplace injury, as it helps lift or raise heavy loads without straining the workers. They increase productivity, as they lift fast and heavier loads, resulting in production being faster and more efficient. And minimize reaching for overhead components.

Vacuum Lifts 

These lifts are useful in almost any industry that requires lifting. Vacuum lifts are safe and reliable. Our range varies including Concrete Vacuum Lifter, Sheet Metal Vacuum Lifter, Box Vacuum Lifter, Woods Vacuum Lifter, and Kegs Vacuum Lifter. 

How these lifts solve problems is by essentially eliminating the weight of any load, making lifting effortless. Reduces labour costs, instead of two or three people being needed it is only one. And, they also prevent damage to any of the items.

If you are interested in buying manual handling equipment to solve material handling problems, get in touch with us. AccessCO Move can deliver the right solution for your workplace, no matter where in the process you need it.