How to Choose the Right Vacuum Lifter

Nov 15, 2022

Having access to the best possible lifting equipment has never been more important. There are a number of benefits that come with it, from benefitting the staff’s health to improving the overall productivity in any warehouse or manufacturing setting. The hardest decision to make is choosing the right equipment for the job. No two workplaces are alike in terms of size, layout, and the materials they handle each day. So, we here at AccessCO Move decided to put together some tips to help you in your decision-making process when it comes to Vacuum Lifters.  

How to choose the right Vacuum Lifter?

Before jumping into any decision with manual handling equipment, it is important to assess exactly what solution you are trying to fix or improve. Then you can have a look at what your options are.

Factors to consider: 

The Type of Load

How to Choose the Right Vacuum Lifter

What exact materials will the Vacuum Lifter be lifting, is it glass, metal sheets, or pallets. Taking into account the surface of the materials allows you to adapt the vacuum pump to this. The Vacuum Lifter is extremely versatile, but how they will be installed is taken into careful consideration for that specific load – as they all require different tools and components. Another note to take into account is how the material is packaged, the weight, the size, and where it will be placed in the warehouse.

Worker Safety 

How to Choose the Right Vacuum Lifter

No matter the setting, it is essential to keep workers safe and happy. Selecting the right equipment decreases the risks of accidents that can be brought on by poor ergonomics, in both the short and long-term cases. Many of these problems are primarily the result of manual handling techniques, but even lifting tasks made easier by machinery may have dangers like repetitive stress injuries. Vacuum lifters are a useful tool for enhancing safety and reducing health concerns, but it’s crucial to make sure that employees are properly educated to use the machinery.

Size of the Working Environment

How to Choose the Right Vacuum Lifter

To get full use of the Vacuum Lifter, you need the right space. You want it to reach its full potential and slip seamlessly into the environment. There are both mobile and stationary vacuum lifts to help you with your decision. Think about the space you have to work with and how you may utilize it as efficiently as possible. This entails taking into account the radius of the cranes, the height and breadth restrictions, the necessary reach, and the maneuverability. If you are to choose a mobile vacuum lift, can it be stored away when it is not in use?

In general, vacuum lifting works well with any kind of product that has a surface that allows for a firm vacuum hold. If you would like to check out exactly what vacuum lifters we provide, check out our blog post or head over to our website. 

If you still need help with choosing the perfect vacuum lift for your workplace, get in touch with us. We have worked with companies in a variety of industries to supply material handling equipment, and we will assist you in precisely identifying the most effective, safe, and economical solutions to your lifting requirements so you may select the best lifting equipment for you.